Home Quality Mark is ‘not mandatory but encouraged’ in Southampton

BRE’s new Home Quality Mark features as ‘not mandatory but encouraged’ in Southampton’s planning for new homes, following the end of the Code for Sustainable Homes.

Southampton-CivicCentre-WestThis comes after government has moved to prevent local authorities from imposing schemes such as those developed by BRE, favouring a raft of new measures due to be revealed in October. The Home Quality Mark too, however, will not being open for registrations until October this year.

Planning conditions have also been revised include water and energy targets similar to previous levels under the Code for Sustainable Homes. Though the scheme has now been brought to an end, targets in the city including a 19% reduction in carbon over the building regs, and water use limited to 105 l/p/d remain.

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- Sean Mills 11-05-15

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