London Plan Update – 35% Certain

Yesterday we discovered that London was set to continue its policy of requiring major developments to cut their carbon by 35% over building regulations as part of The London Plan, in spite of a ban by central government on any requirements over 19%.

Today the following update to Energy Planning Guidance for The London Plan was released:

‘On 25 March 2015, the Government confirmed its policy to limit local energy requirements for residential development and continue to support low carbon infrastructure. The Mayor has considered the Government’s intentions regarding energy performance standards and its support for energy infrastructure and considers his energy targets within his energy hierarchy to be in line with this approach. It encourages developers to make carbon savings on-site, firstly through demand reduction. These reductions are in line with the Government’s preferred maximum energy requirement (19 per cent reduction beyond Part L 2013 (Code 4) equivalent). The remaining energy savings are met through low carbon infrastructure, either on-site or off-site. The targets in the London Plan will therefore continue to be applied in line with the energy hierarchy, across both residential and non-domestic development until the implementation of zero carbon policies in 2016.’

This appears to suggest that the London Boroughs will continue to demand 35%, however the 19% cap has been skilfully interpreted as only applying to ‘demand reduction’ measures such as better insulation and fabric.The other 16% will have to come from renewable energy or CHP, unless of course you volunteer to do it through ‘demand reduction’, which you may well have to. For now at least it seems as though nothing has changed, and you will still need at least 35% over regs.

Clear as mud? Read the full guidance here.

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-Sean Mills 08/04/15

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