Air Conditioning Inspections

The EPBD (Energy Performance of Buildings Directive) set a new requirement for inspection of air conditioning systems. Build Energy can ensure you meet the regs.

Air conditioning inspections are in place to help drive up the efficiency of cooling systems in the UK, which will ultimately help save costs for building owners.

Air Conditioning Inspections – The Regs

The timeline of compliance varies depending on the size of the system. By 4th January 2009 all systems over 250kW were supposed to have received a first inspection – by 4th January 2011 all systems over 12kW should have received an air conditioning inspection.

Air Conditioning Inspections

This applies to any installation whether it resides in a commercial, residential or public building. This inspection must be performed every 5 years.

The inspection report (AC-REPORT) and certificate (AC-CERT) must then be lodged at the Landmark registery.Trading standards now have powers to impose heavy fines on non compliance, and so the introduction of a registered certificate means that many property owners can no longer ignore the requirement.

CIBSE Accredited Professionals

Our inspectors are CIBSE (Chartered Institute of Building Services Engineers) accredited professionals with vast experience of working with complex air conditioning systems.

Paying to have an inspection is an unavoidable legal requirement – but with a CIBSE accredited inspector the service you receive will be of real value to your business.

Our CIBSE inspectors are experts who do more than simply count units – they produce tailored recommendations reports to help you cut the energy costs and carbon emissions of your air conditioning systems.

What Level?

Build Energy can provide assessment for both level 3 and 4 systems. Level 3 assessments will cover all unitary, simple and multi split packaged and simple VRF/VRV air conditioning plants, equipment and systems.

Level 4 assessments cover large centralised air conditioning plants, equipment and systems. Our Level 4 assessors are also accredited to inspect and report on packaged air conditioning systems.

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Build Energy provided us with SAP Calculations, Sound Testing and Air Pressure Testing.....they were extremely responsive dealing with the instruction rapidly and providing an excellent service

Nick Sutton – Imperial Property Co.