SAP Calculations for Scotland

SAP Calculations are required all over the UK, and if your project is north of the border you will need them to satisfy the Scotland Section 6 Building Standards.

Whereas building work in England and Wales is controlled through Building Regulations, projects in Scotland must instead conform to Building Standards. The requirements of Building Standards depend upon the type of build:

New Builds

New builds in Scotland require a SAP calculation, which is very similar to those required in England and Wales.

As part of a SAP assessment, you will be asked to demonstrate that your new build does not exceed a unique target for carbon emissions. Many designs do not comply with the minimum Building Standards requirements, and regulations can vary depending on when and where you started your build.

We can help you overcome these hurdles easily and quickly.



Projects such as conservatories and extensions require Heat Loss Calculations to demonstrate acceptable thermal performance. The minimum performance can vary depending on the rest of the property, and a SAP Assessment for the whole dwelling may also be used to show compliance.

We can work with you and your Building Control Officer and advise on the most suitable route to a pass.



SAP Calculations Scotland

Conversions in Scotland require Heat Loss Calculations to demonstrate acceptable thermal performance under Building Standards. This applies to both existing elements which may need upgrading, and minimum performance for any new construction or services. 

We can guide you through the options and help you to specify thermal upgrades and services which will make the most positive impact on the your build.

How Does it Work?

We work with clients to firstly establish the requirements of Building Standards in their region and offer feedback on their designs to achieve compliance. We carry out the SAP Assessment from architects drawings and from the building and heating products that you specify, meaning that there’s no need for site visits.

We will always help you to overcome any non compliant elements at design stage, providing solutions and feedback for achieving a pass so that you can commence the build safely.

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