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Sound Insulation Testing

We provide a comprehensive acoustic consultancy and sound testing service across the UK.

Many of the schemes we work on require some element of acoustic survey or sound testing whether they be residential, commercial or public buildings.

Sound Insulation Testing – New Buildings

In order to comply with Part E of the Building Regulations, developments will require the testing of separating walls and floors. The only exception is where pre-tested and certified Robust Details have been used.

Sound Insulation Testing checks for both airborne and impact travel through new or existing buildings. This may affect party walls and floors between new and existing buildings, or between spaces within a new development entirely.

Do you require Sound Insulation Testing? You will if you:

  • Build a new development of 2 or more attached dwellings / flats
  • Convert a former single dwelling into flats
  • Build a nursing home or rooms for residential use, i.e hotel or hostel
  • Have designs which do not adhere to Robust Construction Details

Want to know more? Take a look at Sound Insulation Testing – The Info.

Complete Acoustic Services

To enable us to deliver our services across the whole of the UK, we partner closely with the best UKAS and ANC accredited engineers and consultants. Our engineers have over 50 Years experience in the field of acoustics, and have carried out hundreds of tests and surveys all over the UK.

We can help with:

  • Sound Insulation TestingiStock_000023360312XSmall
  • Environmental Noise Consultancy
  • BB93 Acoustic Design in Schools
  • Planning Policy Guidance
  • Acoustic Design
  • Acoustic Enclosure Design and Build
  • Noise Mapping & Prediction
  • Noise at Work

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"As a design and build company, we have been using Build Energy as external consultants for the last two years and they have never failed us. Their friendly, easy going staff make our work easier. We are definitely looking forward to work with them in future projects".

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- EMD Group

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