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Acoustic Design For Schools

Acoustics play a critical part in the delivery of effective teaching and learning activities.

Unfortunately many classrooms in the UK suffer from poor acoustics, however new developments and refurbishments are now subject to rigorous performance standards. We can help you through this process with design advice and consultancy.

Acoustic Design For Schools under BB93

Prior to 2003, Part E of the Building Regulations (‘Resistance to the Passage of Sound’) did not apply to schools, but this has since changed. Part E now refers to Section 1 of Building Bulletin 93 (BB93) – setting out the constructional standard for acoustics in new school buildings.

BB93Any new building, change of use or extension to existing buildings is now covered within Building Regulations and subject to detailed design and onsite checks by Building Control Bodies. Although note that BB93 only applies in England and Wales.

There are many reason why poor acoustics may exist within schools, but BB93 sets out standards for:

  • Section 2 – Noise Control
  • Section 3 – Insulation from external noise – sound insulation between rooms
  • Section 4 – The design of rooms for speech
  • Section 5 – The design of rooms for music
  • Section 6 – Acoustic design and equipment for pupils with special hearing requirements

Our experienced consultants will work with your design and construction teams to deliver a coordinated solution. This requires early engagement to ensure that the requirements of BB93 will be met.

Our engineers will then carry out pre-completion sound testing which will measure ambient noise levels, reverberation time and sound insulation between rooms.

BREEAM Education

It is likely that a BREEAM Assessment will also be required for the new school building. We can ensure that credits are maximised in the Hea 13 (Acoustic Performance) and Pol 8 (Noise Attenuation) categories.

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