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Our Environmental Commitment

Build Energy is committed to reducing it’s impact on the environment and becoming a net zero carbon operation.

A Carbon Positive Business

  • We measure and report our company Scope 1 and 2 carbon emissions annually. We also include some Scope 3 emissions for home working and business travel. Our 2023 total carbon footprint was 31.02 tonnes CO2e.
  • We offset our remaining unavoidable carbon emissions annually via recognised VCS + CCBS Gold Level Projects which also deliver additional social and ecological benefits. The certification for this offset can be found on our website and more details of these projects can be found here.
  • We reduce emissions in-house and therefore decrease the amount of offsetting needed for our ongoing operations

A Small Footprint

  • We will reduce carbon emissions from our business travel, by careful planning of site visits and looking for public transport alternatives where feasible
  • It is company policy to carry out meetings online unless it is absolutely necessary that we attend in person
  • Non-essential electrical equipment will be switched off whenever possible
  • Lights and computer equipment will be turned off overnight and over weekends
  • Office heating will be turned down to acceptable and staff-agreed levels
  • All procurement of goods or services should consider the environmental impact of the product purchased, its packaging and delivery method. Where it is sensible, we will use second hand or recycled equipment.
  • Purchasing computer equipment and appliances with an Energy Star rating
  • Any waste paper, plastics and glass within the offices will be recycled, separately from general waste. All confidential paper will be shredded before recycling.
  • The purchase or lease of further company vehicles must include an evaluation of electric or hybrid options. The limits of current technology, range and the logistics of our operations do not always make electric vehicles feasible but technology is moving quickly and we will continue to evaluate these options. As a minimum all vehicles should meet the Euro 6 standard.


We strive to reduce our environmental impact by:

  1. Continually monitoring legislative changes and developments and making changes to our policy and practice to ensure compliance
  2. Ensuring the responsible use of energy and make steps to reduce this
  3. Undertaking regular self assessment of our compliance with this policy and reporting annually to the management meeting
  4. Reviewing and updating this policy annually
  5. Making all employees aware of this policy and their responsibilities

Recent Projects

"We have been working with BE on numerous projects, as they provide us with a great level of service. The solutions provided as part of the planning and building regs process are always cost efficient and realistic which benefits our clients. When it comes to the construction phase, the site assistance provided by BE in relation to the air and sound testing is always well received from our appointed contractors."

Ian Forster
- Union Architecture

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