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BREEAM Non Domestic Assessment

Many non-domestic projects will require a BREEAM Assessment due to planning conditions or employer requirements.

Our assessors can bring vast experience to your project, having worked across a vast array of schemes over many years. We are not box checkers – our job is to simplify the process and maximise opportunities to improve performance, all the while eliminating risk and reducing cost.

We work alongside design and construction teams, coordinating our services from a single, friendly point of contact.

We typically work on commercial and public projects across:BREEAM Assessment

  • New Construction
  • Non-Domestic Refurbishment & Fit Out

For residential refurbishment schemes please head over to our BREEAM Domestic Refurbishment page. 

BREEAM Accredited Professional (AP)

Our BREEAM assessors hold the AP qualification, which allows additional credits to be achieved under Man 1 and Man 3 sections.

A BREEAM AP (Design & Site) can assist you from the very beginning of your project to ensure your BREEAM targets are met as easily and cost effectively as possible. We also offer the BREEAM AP role as a standalone service.


BREEAM assessments require careful planning, especially those with higher target ratings. Some credits are time limited and if not actioned at RIBA stage 2, cannot be achieved.

Other credits become difficult and expensive to achieve the later they are considered. For these reasons it is critical that an assessor is brought onboard as early as possible.

Additional Services

We can provide additional services to assess and evidence your BREEAM credits. We can package a solution tailored to your project requirements including:

  • BRUKL & EPC – Ene 1BREEAM Assessment
  • Thermal Comfort Assessment – Hea 4
  • Air Tightness – Man 4
  • Thermographic Survey – Man 4
  • Building User Guide – Man 4
  • Passive Design Analysis – Ene 4
  • Low Zero Carbon Feasibility Study- Ene 4
  • Indoor Air Quality Plan and Testing – Hea 2
  • Life Cycle Assessment – Mat 1

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I started working with Build Energy just over a year ago now, and I have to say they are the very best I have ever worked with. They are so helpful, pragmatic and very patient with me, taking the time to explain the complexities that I do not understand (which are many!) and they deliver the very best outcomes through an open and collaborative approach. I am genuinely grateful to have discovered such a great team of people and cannot recommend Build Energy highly enough.    

Mick Baird
- Founder | DG Architecture

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