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Operating in one of the fastest moving industries in the world gives us all plenty to learn, but not always the opportunity to do so.

We know that design and construction professionals are under constant pressure to maintain their learning, so we see real value in helping you to do it. By keeping your skills sharp and your teams engaged, it actually helps us to do a better job for you.

Build Energy CPD training provides you with the opportunity to deliver accredited training to your teams in support of your commitment to learning and development.

Our Current CPD:

  • SAP Made Simple – Process & Compliance

Duration: 1 hour – including time for questions and discussions

Location: We usually come to you, but we can host you in our Christchurch or London offices too

Learning objectives: This is the first of two sessions aimed at those in the construction industry involved in the technical design phases. Meeting Part L regulations can seem a minefield; and the associated SAP assessment process equally baffling at times. This CPD session will help to demystify the process, give a clear understanding of how SAP works and outline why it’s important to you. BE have delivered thousands of SAP Assessments across the UK and we are experienced in dealing with Part L regulations and the associated planning issues. The session will be of particular value to architects, contractors, developers and consultants.


  • Designing in London – Rules for Low Carbon & Sustainability

Duration: 1 hour – including time for questions and discussions

Location: We usually come to you, but we can host you in our Christchurch or London offices too

Learning objectives:

‘Designing in London’ is intended for architects, engineers, contractors and developers who face the challenges of building low carbon, sustainable developments and adhering to the latest London Plan requirements. In particular the new zero carbon homes policy requires significant design consideration to be made at RIBA stages 1-3 and a commitment to pay carbon offset fees across many sites.

This CPD session will help to clarify the rules, provide guidance to design teams and assist clients in delivering successful London applications.


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"Build Energy have been quick to provide a helpful and efficient service in several projects......their willingness to provide advice and first-class service exceeds expectations. We have had pleasure in dealing with BE in the past, have recommended their services to others and would do so again without hesitation......we look forward to a continued relationship in future projects."

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- Leo Horsfield Surveyors

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