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BB101 Design for Education

In 2018 the government introduced updated guidelines for the design of school buildings.

BB101: Guidelines on ventilation, thermal comfort and indoor air quality in schools was introduced as a replacement of the more simplistic 2006 version. It seeks to address air quality in the classroom and ensure that the indoor environment provides quality learning spaces which are fit for effective teaching.

The Building Bulletin provides new detail on how to deal with summertime overheating, which now specifies that DSY1 2020 weather files are to be used. As well as providing guidance on new teaching areas, it also outlines performance targets for non-teaching areas.

New guidance covers factors such as winter thermal comfort and how to design out cold draughts in both naturally ventilated and mechanically ventilated buildings.

The guidance is split into 3 sections:

1. Design of indoor environments

Section 1  gives an introduction and describes the factors that affect the design of the indoor environment of schools.

2. Regulatory Framework for schools

Section 2 is concerned with the regulatory framework for schools and provides the Department for Education performance standards for compliance with UK regulations.

3-5. Design for performance

Sections 3-5 provide detailed guidance on how to design schools to achieve the required performance for ventilation, indoor air quality and thermal comfort.

We can assist M&E teams, architects and contractors in school schemes and help them deliver well designed, compliant buildings. We use Dynamic Simulation Modelling tools and a consultative approach to add maximum value to your team.

For more information on BB101 visit the GOV site.

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