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How long does it take to carry out my SAP Rating?

We always aim to provide a 10 working day turnaround, from the time of receiving all of your information and plans. Obviously this can vary if there are multiple dwellings to be assessed. If you need things done very urgently then just take up our Fast Track Service, where we will guarantee to get things done in 48 hours.

What Information do I need to send you?

We require your plans and a completed Datasheet. Plans need to include a site plan, floor plans, elevations and sections.

Can I send electronic plans?

Yes, as long as they are in a .dwg or similar CAD format. Please do not send PDF’s as we can’t scale accurately from them. Hardcopy (paper) plans are obviously fine too.

Will you keep my plans?

Yes. We are required by the NHER to retain your plans. Therefore if you need the plans, please make or send copies.

How will I receive my SAP Reports and EPC’s?

Following feedback from our clients and building control, we now send all reports and EPC’s in PDF format, by email. If you do not have email access we can send a hardcopy version for a small fee.

Air Permeability Testing

When do I need to arrange my air test?

Testing should take place as late as possible, ideally when the build is complete. We always try to provide a test date within 2 weeks of the request. We can often fit in urgent tests if required.

Is my build ready for an air test?

You need to ensure the building envelope is complete. All glazing, external doors and cladding should be complete. Light fixtures and sockets must be fitted, any penetration through the external walls and ceiling, i.e SVP and waste pipes, should be sealed.

Do I need to seal anything prior to the test?

All features which are designed for ventilation purposes should be closed or sealed, these include: extract vents, extract fans, window trickle vents, air conditioning ducts, and chimneys. All toilets, basins, and other wet drain areas must contain water to ensure a seal is made between the internal building space and sewerage system.

How long does it take?

We are typically onsite for approximately one hour. We always try to leave time for a retest should it be required and small remedial work can be carried out.

Sound Insulation Testing

Can other trades be onsite whilst testing?

Some of the measurements we take are very sensitive to noise and the presence of seemingly insignificant noises can adversely affect the test results. The best arrangement is for all trades to be suspended for the duration of the testing (approx 2 hours for a typical set of tests), or to send trades to another part of the site where their work will not affect the test area.

Is my build ready for testing?

Rooms should be available in pairs, either vertically (separated by the party floor) or horizontally (separated by the party wall) . They should be complete but unfurnished. This means:

  • All wall and ceiling surfaces must be complete and skimmed
  • Skirting boards, architraves and covings to be fitted
  • All kitchen units in place
  • Electrical sockets and switches to be in place
  • Windows fitted and fully closeable with fully working trickle vents
  • Internal doors in place and fully closeable.
  • External doors to flats and houses to be fitted

What about floors?

Carpets and laminates should not be fitted as impact testing should take place on a bare floor, i.e. directly on the surface of the chipboard floating floor, or on the surface of the concrete floating screed.

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"For the last few years I have relied upon the professionalism and knowledge of the team at Build Energy to provide economic solutions to meet and improve on current Building Regulations.  I look forward to a continued working relationship with them on our future developments."

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