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Air Tightness Consultancy

It is incredibly important to ‘design in’ air tightness from the very start of a project.

In most cases, air testing is only carried out on completion of a build and so the diagnosis of leakage issues comes too late in the day. Remedial work is costly, time consuming and often technically very difficult. An integrated design will link air tightness to other technical requirements of the building regulations, especially those involving energy efficiency measures.

We can provide advice and consultancy services throughout the lifecycle of a project to enable your team to deliver air tight buildings, whatever your particular specification or requirements.

RIBA Stage 3 – 4

Air Tightness Consultancy

Desktop Design/Drawing Review

Study of Architectural drawings and Sub Contractor design elements to assess robustness of details and continuity of air seal construction across building envelope elements.

This will also involve investigation of product specifications to technical standards in the supply chain and aligning these with the target air permeability.

There will be the identification of high-risk constructions and any specialist testing requirements within the scope of the project: Plenums, Smoke Shafts, Isolation Rooms, Gas Suppression.

Air Tightness Consultancy

RIBA Stage 4

On-Site Review

Air tightness workshop and design team meeting.

The workshop will include the architect, members of the design team, Sub Contractors and the construction phase project members and will seek to develop the airtightness strategy and ensure that these details are developed in design and implemented on site.

The air testing strategy will also be discussed.

RIBA Stage 5

Site Advice Visit

A BE consultant will carry out an on-site inspection of critical and complex junctions highlighted in the design process. This may typically include roof and parapet constructions, primary, secondary and residual air seal constructions.

We will assess air sealing and thermal continuity of the building envelope and any excluded areas within the building enclosure.

This may require more than 1 visit.

Air Tightness Consultancy

Air Tightness Consultancy

Air Tightness Consultancy




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