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Energy Statements

Most planning authorities will request some form of Energy Statement from a developer when they submit their application.

Energy Statements may go under another name, depending on where you are building – for example:

  • A Sustainable Construction Checklist
  • A Sustainability Statement
  • An Energy & Sustainability Statement

However they are labelled by planners, these reports demonstrate how a development will meet local energy and sustainability policy which often set local energy demand, carbon emissions or renewable technologies targets.

Energy Statements

Energy Statements – why us?

We have worked on thousands of construction schemes across hundreds of UK authorities. There is a very good chance that we are familiar with your local planning policy and requirements.

We know that accuracy and speed are essential for a successful, consented scheme.

It is also essential that you provide bespoke statements and reporting. We will always ensure that we are producing a document which not only satisfies local planning policies, but also provides a key working document for your design and construction teams throughout the build.

Energy Statements should work for you

Energy Statements should act as valuable, accurate working documents which can inform decision making, enable cost analysis and reduce risk. A good consultant will take time to understand your objectives, working through scenarios and carrying out early stage energy assessment and modelling.

SAP Calculations or SBEM Calculations  will often form the basis of our study, and these are also required to satisfy building regulations further down the line. We can develop these consistently with your design team and submit to building control later in the process.

A typical Energy Statement would be expected to:

  • Show baseline ‘standard’ case CO2 emissions and energy costs
  • Demonstrate improvements to fabric efficiency beyond building regs standards
  • Highlight improvements to HVAC and lighting efficiency beyond building regs standards
  • Evidence how the development will meet CO2 reductions with renewable technology
  • Provide a feasibility study for renewable technologies
  • Document how the development will meet local energy plans and policies
  • Address how the development will make use of heat networks
  • Calculate how the development will address zero carbon requirements in London

Air Permeability Testing

There may also be other unique, local policies to address in your particular council.

Build Energy will take time to look at your requirements, speak to your planning department if required, and understand local policy before making a proposal.

We may for example find that the energy statement is required as part of a Design and Access statement, or perhaps to accompany a broader Sustainability Statement.

For more detailed advice check out our blog articles What is an energy statement? and The London Plan.

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"BE are fantastic building energy assessors, with competency across many areas. We have found them very useful on small and large projects. With the larger projects they can provide a range of assessments with one point of contact. We submitted a planning application for 224 residential apartments for a site in Luton. BE provided the flood, acoustic, heat loss and SUDS reports. The scheme was consented and reports were excellent. We have found them to been frank and honest with their advice. They are also lovely people to work with… which is very important."

Adam Covell
- ECA Architecture

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