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London is going Zero Carbon From October 1st

13 Apr 2016 at 4:28 PM
The Greater London Authority has announced that all new homes in major developments in the capital will be zero carbon from October 1st.

A 35% reduction in carbon emissions over building regulations, as measured through SAP calculations, will continue to be the minimum requirement on site. However the remaining 65% will now need to be made up either through further measures during the build, or through ‘off site solutions’. It is up to local authorities to set targets for minor developments.

It will also be up to the relevant borough to decide what is acceptable as an off site solution. The Greater London Authority have said that this can take place directly.

They give the example of photovoltaic panels on a local school at the agreement of the planners, or through cash in lieu of savings. In this case, emissions ‘are to be off-set through a cash in lieu contribution to the relevant borough to be ring fenced to secure delivery of carbon dioxide savings elsewhere’.

The price per tonne of carbon produced is set by each local authority, although GLA guidance places this figure at ‘£60/tonne for a period of 30 years’ where boroughs do not have an established price.

Zero Carbon LondonAn Energy Statement will still be used to show how much how much carbon is being saved through on site and off site reduction. You can find out what needs to be included in any Energy Statement in our most recent blog.

We will be updating you with further news as the October deadline approaches.


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