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Advanced Details

7 Jul 2016 at 4:33 PM

Advanced Details is an online Thermal Bridging database aimed at simplifying the process of calculating junctions, whilst offering options for improved performance.

The website provides a huge library of construction make ups, which have been pre calculated to show a resulting Psi value for that particular junction.Advanced Details

Advanced Details offers an easy drop down user interface, allowing you to select different construction details depending on the type of build you are following. The online tool is currently completely free to users.

The Advanced Details site currently have about 1600 thermal bridging details, and Director Guy-Pitts Crick told BE; “We can cover every type of construction from infilled concrete form-work, to hempcrete and all the standard timber/masonry systems – more details are being added every week”.

How it works

You may already know that reducing the impact of cold bridging within a building can have a dramatic effect on energy performance. A SAP Assessment contains a set of very pessimistic values for these junctions by default. It is the SAP assessors job to specify whether these will be improved on site, and demonstrate how.

In the Advanced Details tool, users can create projects, then choose from pre-populated fields to describe the type of junction they are dealing with. For instance, the user can choose from different types of construction, insulation, windows, doors, balconies and lintels.

A set of design options is then presented to the user, detailing the exact Psi value being achieved. These options offer flexibility depending on site restrictions, budget and application.

Advanced Details

Projects can be shared to other members of the design team, and the whole project can be exported in a report (with a list of all junctions used) for the contractor sign off.

For more information on Thermal Bridging see Thermal Bridging Explained

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