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Enhanced Construction Details – What are ECDs?

16 Jun 2016 at 12:52 PM

What are Enhanced Construction Details?

IMG_3366editEnhanced Construction Details were created by the Energy Saving Trust to address Thermal Bridging performance in SAP Calculations for new build homes. They are designed to improve upon the values used in Accredited Construction Details for certain junctions, and work in tandem with this scheme. Although there are far fewer ECDs than ACDs, they are more specific to those particular junctions which do not achieve such large gains under ACDs, i.e lintels and gable details.

Enhanced Construction Details are available to view for free on the Energy Saving Trusts website.

Do I need to use Enhanced Construction Details?

To pass the most recent versions of SAP, it is vital that thermal bridging is addressed in some form. New build homes in England must now pass a fabric performance target as well as a carbon target, which cannot be met through default values alone. Enhanced Construction Details do not cover all of the junctions needed, but are often better than ACDs where they are used in a build. We’d recommended ACDs as a go to default option, with ECDs considered for junctions like lintels and gables.

What is Thermal Bridging?

Thermal Bridging in SAP refers to gaps in the fabric of the building where heat is more easily conducted to the outside world. A more efficient building will limit thermal bridging to reduce this wasted heat. You can find out more about thermal bridging in our guide. Enhanced Construction Details can be used in SAP to address thermal bridging.

What alternatives to Enhanced Construction Details are available?

Accredited Construction Details are the most commonly used junction scheme, and Enhanced Construction Details do not fully replace them. However, there are many other sets of approved details from manufactures and industry bodies that can be used as an alternative. Our guide on thermal bridging outlines some of the most important.

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