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Waste Water Heat Recovery & Part L

19 Apr 2013 at 10:36 AM

We are always on the look out for innovative and cost effective ways to reduce energy use and assist in achieving Part L compliance.

We came across a product called Showersave recently and think its something our clients should know about.

Showersave is a maintenance free, simple to install, cost effective waste water heat recovery system (WWHR). It has no moving parts or electrical connections and will not require any post installation customer interaction.

The manufacturers claim that not only will it save developers money but it will also reduce their CO2 emissions. It is claimed the system is likely to pay for itself within 3 years, a significantly better return than any other sustainable / renewable product.

The product is recognised by BRE within SAP 2005 (Appendix Q) and SAP 2009 within the Products Characteristics Database.

Part L Effects


 Build Energy spoke to Showersave Director Tony Gordon; ‘It is our understanding that for house builders the system (RV-3) is the lowest cost per point in SAP available.

Our analysis, using a broad range of house types, is that one unit can count for between 4%-8% of the requirement over the Target Emissions Rate (TER) depending on the house type and fuel being displaced. Clearly, the more showers and units installed this figure is enhanced”.

Showersave is recognised by BRE for inclusion within its SAP products database to satisfy Part L regulations. “The SAP 2009 figures perform better than the Appendix Q 2005 figures, due to an improvement in the efficiency of the unit (RV-3 = 66%)” Tony explained.

Taylor Wimpey are using the system across many of their sites, as are other house builders including, Redrow, Miller Homes, Stewart Milne amongst others. There are in excess of 21,000 units installed across Europe to date and over 500 in the UK.

The unit price is in the region of £350+VAT (incl. delivery to site) per unit for the RV-3. The system can be used in apartments through general service ducts or our other product in SAP the RT-1 (also in SAP) can be accommodated also (£595 + VAT).

Showersave claim that for a 3 bed detached house with two bathrooms and a single RV-3 installed, the DER (Dwelling Emission Rate) would be a 7.86% improvement on the TER, which equates to £48/point in SAP 2009. Showersave point out that a solar thermal panel costing £1,500 on a South facing roof would cost about £160/point in SAP.

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