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Xtratherm Advanced Detailing Thermal Bridging Scheme Released

2 Jul 2013 at 3:23 PM

Xtratherm has created a new set of construction details know as Xtratherm Advanced Detailing to assist house builders in achieving improved u values.

Thermal BridgingThey are the first insulation manufacturer in the UK to succeed in receiving accreditation from the BRE to model 3D Thermal Bridging, as required by SAP Calculations.

This move will assist housebuilders in the meeting the upcoming SAP 2013 regs, which will set stringent new fabric performance targets.

The details are based on those already available under ACD’s (Accredited Construction Details), but by replacing generic insulation products with Xtratherms range of butt jointed products, improved Psi and Y-values can be achieved.

We asked one of our SAP Assessors, Cameron Hawkes what this means for clients.

“Meeting the current regs is proving tricky enough for our clients – unless there is a real strategy for renewables then accredited details for junctions will always be a requirement within SAP Calculations – most of our clients have not used them before so its a big learning curve.

“The new 2013 regs will be a lot tougher to meet, so any improvement to the details available will be welcome. It was probably inevitable that a manufacturer would come up with some a scheme of their own, and a very clever move”.

Further details are available at the Xtratherm Advanced Detailing website.

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