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Zero Carbon Costs ‘Have Halved’

17 Feb 2014 at 3:17 PM

The extra cost of building a zero carbon home has halved according to research from the Zero Carbon Hub.

The analysis, carried out by the Sweett Group, looked at the extra cost of building to the proposed zero carbon standard compared to Part L 2013. It found that the typical additional cost of building a semi-detached house to the zero carbon standard could be less than £5,000 at today’s prices. This compares to nearly £12,000 the last time it was calculated in 2011 when costs were compared with 2010 regulations.

The Hub says there are several reasons for the reduction including cheaper solar PV, changes in the zero carbon definition and greater efficiency in meeting air tightness standards.

Zero Carbon Hub md Rob Pannell said: “What this report shows is that the zero carbon policy, while ambitious, is becoming more cost effective. The challenge is to continue innovating to keep costs as low as possible.”

The report finds that by 2020 the extra cost for a semi-detached home could be less than £3,000.

HBF director of external affairs John Slaughter said: “While predicted costs are lower than previously estimated, they remain significant. This is still a challenging objective for the industry. Further efforts need to identify cost effective and robust solutions to minimise any negative impact on site viability and housing supply.”

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