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Ene 1

You may have seen reference to Ene 1 perhaps within a planning condition or building regs requirement.

The term relates to the Code For Sustainable Homes, but some authorities may also require a certain level of Ene 1 performance even when a Code assessment is not sought.

So what is Ene 1 all about?

Ene 1 is the first and most important category within the Code – the energy category. SAP Calculations are used to determine a Dwelling Emission Rate (DER) – the amount of CO2 the proposed dwelling will emit.

Ene 1Based on this an allocation of credits can be issued – credits which when combined with all the other categories will determine the Code level of the development.

If you are asked to achieve code level 4 for Ene 1, then you are being asked to reach a standard of energy performance equal to that of a code 4 build. The DER figure from SAP must equal or better a 25% improvement over the TER (Target Emissions Rate). In normal circumstances the DER only needs to equal the TER to gain a pass.

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