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SBEM Calcs

SBEM Calcs are required during the design of new build ‘non dwellings’.

Build Energy is vastly experienced in meeting Part L requirements for both commercial and public buildings. SBEM calcs form a significant part of this process.

What are SBEM calcs?

SBEM, ­or the Simplified Building Energy Model ­is a government approved methodology which can be used to calculate the energy required to heat, ventilate and light a building over a 12 month period when used under ‘normal” circumstances.

SBEM Calcs

All new buildings are required to demonstrate compliance with the Building Regulations before building control can give permission to build. In commercial buildings compliance for Part L (England & Wales), Part F (Northern Ireland) and Section 6 (Scotland) is demonstrated using SBEM Calculations.

Factors such as construction type­ including specific u-values for walls, roofs, floors and windows are all considered. The efficiency of heating systems, hot water and ventilation systems and other factors affecting energy consumption are all measured.

There are two stages to the assessment – design (required for permission to build) and ‘as built’ (required for a completion certificate and EPC to be issued).

Why BE for your SBEM calcs?

We have vast experience of dealing with a multitude of public and commercial building types right across the UK. We can help you throughout the design and construction process whether you are an architect, developer or contractor.

We will often use Dynamic Simulation Modelling (DSM) to carry out SBEM Calculations and produce compliance documents. This is a much more accurate way of assessing commercial buildings as it uses fewer default values.

Using DSM means your building will often rate more efficiently than if it was assessed by an alternative method. DSM reduces over-specification and can lead to significant savings for our clients.

The output of the report is a simple pass or fail. Our experienced assessors will work with you to provide the most practical solutions to achieve a pass while maintaining complete design flexibility.

We can also take care of any extentions, convertions or change-of-use projects, where SBEM Calcs would also be required.

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