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What are SBEM Calculations?

SBEM Calculations are used to demonstrate the energy performance of new and existing ‘non-dwellings’.

They fulfil a vital role in meeting Part L2 requirements in the UK. SBEM calculations also provide a valuable tool for developing early stage designs and aiding decision making.

We’ve carried out SBEM Calculations for schemes all over the UK, from small retail units to large mixed-use developments, offices and schools. We work alongside our clients, maintaining a sharp focus on meeting the commercial objectives whilst maximising the opportunities to reduce energy demand and carbon.

Our assessors and consultants are on hand to offer as much advice and guidance as you need throughout the process.

What are SBEM Calculations?

SBEM, ­or the Simplified Building Energy Model ­is a government approved methodology which can be used to calculate the energy required to heat, ventilate and light a building over a 12-month period when used under ‘normal” circumstances.

In commercial buildings compliance with Part L (England & Wales), Part F (Northern Ireland) and Section 6 (Scotland) is demonstrated using an SBEM Calculation. However it is worth noting that compliance can also be carried out in more sophisticated DSM (Dynamic Simulation Modelling) software.

SBEM Calculations DSM performs a much more detailed and accurate assessment, allowing the assessor to analyse a 3D model of the building and simulate the effects of daylighting, overheating and sunlight for example.

Factors such as construction type­ including specific U-values for walls, roofs, floors and windows are all considered. The efficiency of heating systems, hot water and ventilation systems and other factors affecting energy consumption are all measured.

There are two stages to the assessment – design (required for permission to build) and ‘as built’ which is required for a completion certificate and EPC to be issued.

Why us?

For us, compliance comes as standard. We are not box checkers. Our consultants work closely with our clients to understand their goals and provide as much design flexibility as possible from early concept stages. We then apply a proactive, creative approach to take the hassle away and help you to deliver a robust technical design and take the hassle away.

We use leading edge software tools for modelling energy, carbon, lighting and comfort performance.SBEM Calculations We are also level 5 assessors which means we can work on very complex buildings and use advanced DSM tools if required. This allows us to rapidly compare the function and performance of building designs and deliver results on time.


Do you need SBEM calculations for a BREEAM Assessment? We can take care of the whole process including full assessment itself. Using SBEM calculations or DSM tools we can secure all of the credits you need for issues such as energy, thermal comfort, and daylighting.

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