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Sound Insulation Testing – The Info

Build Energy are equipped to test any residential, commerical or public building through its team of experienced sound engineers.

Sound Testing was introduced via the 2000 Building Regulations Document E ‘Resistance to the Passage of Sound’, and evaluates and checks the validity of a partitioning structure separating two adjoining residential developments.sound insulation testing

How does Sound Insulation Testing work?

Part E applies to both new build constructions and refurbished developments.

The Sound Testing procedure takes the form of both Airborne and Impact testing. The number of tests required is dependent on the layout of your build and how many separating walls and floors you have.

Testing should take place as early as possible so that any issues can be ironed out. Carpets should not be fitted until a pass has been achieved.

How many test do I need?

Pre-Completion Sound Testing has different performance standards depending on the type of development.

To comply with the requirements of Approved Document E of the Building Regulations, the minimum test programme is for one set of tests for every 10 dwellings, unless Building Control have other specific requirements.

A full set consists of 2 floor tests(2 x airborne and 2 x impact) and 2 wall tests (airborne).

It is also possible to use Robust Details as an alternative to testing.

It is strongly recommended that any programme of tests is discussed with and approved by your Building Control Body before commencement of tests on site, as they are the ultimate authority on this.

Recent Projects

“Build Energy have been a joy to work with and we have been continually impressed with their responsiveness, proactivity and impressive turn-around times in ensuring that our projects achieve the required performance parameters – all with a friendly single point of contact. We have benefitted from Build Energy’s expert technical advice throughout the design and construction stages through to completion, helping us meet and exceed stringent building regulations requirements. We look forward to continuing our productive relationship in future projects.”

Alex Zimmermann
- Wimshurst Pelleriti

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