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Surface Water Reporting

Management of surface water run-off is a crucial issue within the Code for Sustainable Homes and Home Quality Mark assessment. It may also form a condition within your planning approval.

Surface Water ReportingThe assessment is concerned with ensuring that the peak rate of run-off into the watercourses is no greater for the developed site than it was for the pre-development site.

Additional credits are available for using SUDS (sustainable urban drainage system).

Do I need Surface Water Reporting?

Yes, if you are seeking any Code for Sustainable Homes level you will need to provide Sur 1 reporting. It is also a likely requirement under HQM to obtain sufficient credits. This must be provided by a suitably qualified consultant or engineer and must contain all of the information necessary to meet the mandatory requirements.

Build Energy has the expertise to deliver bespoke surveys and reports covering any requirements including:

  • Dealing with construction stage run-off
  • Calculations showing the pre and post development peak run-off rates for critical rainfall events
  • Examination of current and historical drainage pattern
  • Proposals for any SUDS to be incorporated
  • Proposals for integrating the drainage system into the landscape and providing habitat and social enhancement
  • Attenuation designs for frequent and larger storm events
  • Indications of overland flow routes and methods for safeguarding properties from flooding
  • Soil classification of the site and soil porosity tests

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