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Sustainable Planning Reports

Sustainable planning reports are now a common requirement across the UK.

We can deliver our bespoke expertise, ensuring a successful planning application.

The report can take many forms, but it should generally be prepared at pre-planning stage and accompany your application.

It is important to note that planning departments have very different policies – from ‘London Plan’ guidelines to renewable energy targets set by local councils.

You can be assured that our sustainability consultants will deliver a bespoke report to satisfy your particular policy requirement.

What Is My Local Sustainable Planning Policy?

To determine your local criteria, you may:

  • View the local authority policy documents online
  • Request pre-planning advice and guidance specific to your proposal
  • Speak directly to your sustainable planning officer

If information is hard to come by, and we are not already familiar with your local requirements we are very happy to speak to your planners to ensure that they will receive what they need. This also ensures that you get an accurate idea of costs and timescales.

A sustainable planning report will typically cover all aspects of development form, which can contribute to securing high standards of sustainable development.

Energy Strategy

Sustainable Planning Reports

The core energy strategy is the most crucial aspect of any report – this will demonstrate how the scheme will address renewable technology obligations (usually a target percentage between 10-40%), and Co2 emission targets.

Many authorities, for example London Boroughs, will require some consideration of local decentralized energy networks (i.e CHP) and how the proposed scheme may either connect to existing infrastructure, or provide new supply.

For domestic (residential) schemes, we will typically demonstrate an energy strategy with SAP Calculations, and non domestic schemes with SBEM calculations and dynamic simulation modelling.

For more detailed advice check out our blog article on Energy Statements

Sustainable Planning Reports – Tailored To Fit

It is essential that any report you commision is targeted to your specific planning authority. Generic reports – often no more than glorified brochures – serve no purpose, risk flat refusal and provide no value to the client when it comes to delivering the scheme.

Depending on local guidance, considerations we would expect to cover include water efficiency calculations, flood risk assessment or surface water reporting.

Depending on the size of the development, measures to reduce construction and demolition waste and increase recycling, and promote the procurement of low-impact materials may be required. effects on the biodiversity of the site can be mitigated with ecology reporting.

We may also look in more detail at designing to increase the use of natural lighting.

Designing buildings for flexible use and adaptation to reflect changing lifestyles / needs is now also a common theme, as is the principle of whole life costing.

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