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Tips & Insight

SAP 2016 – Changes Ahead for UK House Building?

SAP Technicals – Fuel Choice Part 1

Section 63 Action Plans in Scotland – What are they?

Party Walls – A Rough Guide for SAP

Enhanced Construction Details – What are ECDs?

Thermal Bridging Explained

Energy Statements – What Needs To Be Included?

The New Technical Standards & ‘Optional’ Building Regs

What’s the difference between SAPs for England, Scotland & Wales?

ACDs and Thermal Bridging

Air Testing – Which and How Many?

Cavity Insulation: Up the Wall with the New Regs

TFEE – How to Pass the Target Fabric Energy Efficiency

Part L 2013 – What Will It Take To Pass?

Part L 2013 – What Does It Mean To You?

Thermal Bridging in SAP 2009

Xtratherm Advanced Detailing Thermal Bridging Scheme Released

Taking a Fabric First Approach

Waste Water Heat Recovery & Part L

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